Behind the image — Kingfisher pair

I was shadowing a local wildlife photographer at the time, who was getting information on the number of possible kingfisher pairs near a local village. A one man photo hide was set up between two deep ditches, which had a small stream running through the middle of it. This hide, and the branches stuck in the ground providing a perch, had been set up for a few weeks prior, so any birds visiting the area were used to the hide being there. I got set up in the hide with my camera and zoom lens, with my shutter speed set to 1/400th of a second and a small aperture number to blur out the background, and I prepared myself for what could potentially be a long afternoon.

I remember it being a humid day, and a couple of hours of sitting in the hide certainly made me feel sleepy! But I continued to be patient, listening out for the high-pitched call that the kingfisher makes when it flies across water. Finally, after a near 3 hour wait, a female kingfisher landed on one of the perches. I got my first few shots as I didn’t know how long she would stay for. But then, a male kingfisher closely followed behind, and I then had two of them sitting in front of me! It was a wonderful first time experience to see not just one kingfisher, but two kingfishers up close, and will remain as one of my favourite images to date.

Kingfisher pair

These posts contain stories behind the images I have taken of wildlife over the years mainly consisting of local species found in the Fens. Pinfold Photographic