Behind the image — Doe in the forest

It has been a place of great wonder. A place that ignited my love for the natural world. I’ve found many treasures here, and by and by it always provides a moment of pure joy. This moment was no exception. The autumn sun pierced through the trunks and branches, cascading golden rays through the trees and onto the carpet of fallen leaves. I was beckoned down a path directly into the sunlight, and there was no away I could have ignored its call. The path was wild, muddy and broken. The coniferous woods bordered either side of the path, as I made my way through the unruly thickets. A buzzard shrieked above my head, when a sudden flash of white caught my right eye. The tail end of a deer bounded away just off the path. I sighed slightly, knowing that my presence would surely affect the surrounding life that was yet to be seen or heard. But at that moment of brief sadness, a large dark figure came out of the thicket and stood on the path ahead of me. The doe stared in my direction for what seemed an eternity, but realistically was only a small number of seconds. She was curious of my presence, as I was dressed to blend in with the environment so my body would have appeared distorted to her. The sunlight drifted behind a cloud momentarily, before fully illuminating the earth coloured doe, all the while happiness drench my mind and body. She did not bound away but treaded lightly across the path to the other side… with a young fawn following close behind. It was a moment I felt truly blessed to witness, as I see deer as a creature that represents knowledge, strength and grace. This image represents everything that I love about nature’s spontaneous gifts, reminding me that these moments can emerge in times that all may seem lost or confusing to one’s mind.

Doe in the forest, 300mm, f/6.3, 1/1600 sec, ISO 1600

These posts contain stories behind the images I have taken of wildlife over the years mainly consisting of local species found in the Fens. Pinfold Photographic