Behind the image — Barn owl in flight

It was one of those evenings where the sky was a light blue, dotted with pink clouds that were reflecting the last of the sun’s rays. The air was still and not a breath of wind altered the branches of old wired trees. A thin white figure was sitting atop a fence post on the opposite side of a field that I was overlooking. I have grown accustomed to the sights of barn owls, as I am delighted to see them on almost every journey I take through the Fenland country roads. Barn owls are definitely one of my favourite birds of the Fens, as their ghostly appearance and near silent flights makes them one of the stealthiest hunters around.

I waited patiently to see if the owl would lift off from its resting place, to begin its hunt for a meal. The light was beginning to fade and the pastel colours of the sky with it. As I continued to wait, I knew my time with sufficient light was diminishing. I then saw the barn owl lift off from its perch. It moved gracefully and directly along the ditch that ran from the furthest side of the field, ending just in front of where I was positioned. It continued to fly in my direction and its outline was harsh against the pale sky. It changed its course slightly once it saw me, but it still allowed me to get a close shot of it in flight. As I often shoot birds on the ground or on a perch, I knew that this would be one of my favourites simply because you can really sense the grace this bird possesses, as it glides through the air with no effort at all.

These posts contain stories behind the images I have taken of wildlife over the years mainly consisting of local species found in the Fens. Pinfold Photographic